MPs reject revised deal by 391-242 opening way to votes on no-deal or Article 50 extension

Politicians plan congressional hearings as FAA insists plane is safe to fly

Dozens said to have conspired to pay millions so children could attend elite universities

Robert Lighthizer says right to raise tariffs if there are violations must be maintained

Tim Leissner and Roger Ng banned from banking industry for role in Malaysian scandal

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US parents are going to ever greater lengths to secure places for their children

US president may have the legal power to halt extradition but it would have consequences

Surveillance spreading across China as Maoist model praised

Labour shortages force companies to increase costs but CPI remains close to zero

Energy secretary Rick Perry says preventing weapons proliferation is a priority

Singapore court dismisses fintech group’s attempt to limit scope of investigation

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OCC issues unusual public criticism of US bank’s response to recent scandals

Mike Pompeo cites ‘deteriorating situation’ as tensions with Maduro regime intensifies

Charges stem from the company’s response to accusations of unsafe laminate flooring



Dailyhunt has 206m monthly users and a big Chinese investor

A British engineer has turned publisher to challenge gendered career expectations

Why has the UK adopted American terms about trying to keep afloat financially?

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Investors’ focus shifts to series of parliamentary votes later this week

Troubles of Apple and Facebook among others prompt fund managers to cut holdings

US regulator proposal would restrict trading to counter suspicions of price-rigging


Recovery depends on either proving that it can add users or has a tight grip on spending ??

Tougher regulation can insure digital markets are not controlled by monopolies

Report commissioned by UK government calls for loosening of stranglehold to boost competition

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